Yousif Zainal Arbitration Team is newly formed section as part of YZLF and has been named so after its fonder Mr. Yousif Zainal, the former Secretary General of the G.C.C. Commercial Arbitration Centre.

Our Arbitration Team comprises of lawyers, legal Advisors and experts having knowledge and first hand experience of Arbitration under the auspices of major Arbitration Institutions including the ICC, GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre, ICSID, LCIA, Korean Commercial Arbitration Board. Some members of our team sit as arbitrators or legal advisors in both international and domestic disputes. Our team members are qualified and experienced in various legal systems. They are capable of sitting as arbitrators to settle disputes arising out of international commercial contracts, marine disputes, commodities, property, construction, banking, insurance agencies and disputes relating to Intellectual Property.

Our team is also capable of advising on the proper form of arbitration agreements and inserting the proper arbitration clauses to be incorporated in the different kinds of commercial contracts or agreements at the drafting stage.

Our team is involved in institutional arbitrations, conducted under the rules of arbitration institutions and may conduct arbitration proceedings of adhoc under UNCITRAL Rules or Arbitration conducted by intervention of the law courts. Occasionally, our team is appointed as a sole arbitrator or within a three – member tribunal whether arbitration is conducted in pursuance of court ruling/ order or administered by an arbitration institution such as GCC Commercial Arbitration Center or other institutions.