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With the overview of Bahrain economy in early 90’s Mr. Zainal recognized that with the huge influx of business in Bahrain, providing top quality legal support was indeed the need of the hour. By setting up the firm he bridged the gap between the expectations and requirements of companies and clients... read more

Admiralty and Maritime Law

We handle a variety of cases related to navigation and commerce on oceans, rivers, and lakes. It can involve injuries to longshoremen and vessel crewmembers, contracts for cargo shipping, vessel collisions, and cruise ship passenger injuries... continue reading


Yousif Zainal Arbitration Team is newly formed section as part of YZLF and has been named so after its fonder Mr. Yousif Zainal, the former Secretary General of the G.C.C. Commercial Arbitration Centre... continue reading

Banking and Finance

Yousif Zainal’s Law firm provides various advices and Litigation services to the Banks, Financial Institutions and customer’s worldwide. Through our global network of lawyers, YZLF provide services like Company Audits, Recovery... continue reading

Civil Rights

YZLF’s attorneys handle cases involving the rights of individuals to be free from unequal treatment (or “discrimination”) based on legally-protected characteristics such as race, gender, disability, national origin, age, sexual orientation, and religion... continue reading

Government Law

The founder of YZLF Mr. Yousif Z. Zainal was the Member of Parliament from 2002 to 2006 in the Kingdom of Bahrain. He has incredible practical knowledge in Politics and Government laws... continue reading

And much more…

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